My Biggest Life Lessons Traveling Beyond The Comfort Zone

It is not every day that you meet someone whose life story reads like an adventurous novel, filled with lessons learned on the far-reaching shores of the world. Lisa Ruoff, affectionately known as The Galavanting Goddess, is one such spirited dynamo. With a life that detours sharply from societal norms, Lisa joined us on The Human Beauty Movement Podcast to share her experience of traveling beyond the comfort zone to illustrate a profound understanding of the world and our place within it.

Lisa brought to our conversation a wealth of wisdom gleaned from her vast travels. It is clear that each step she took, whether it be padding across lush landscapes or navigating the dense urban jungle, imparted invaluable insights. Her philosophy on life’s most pressing matters—nature’s cycles, the essence of time, green witchcraft, diversity, environmentalism, and more—is not only intriguing but utterly transformative for anyone who embraces it.

For Lisa, one pivotal realization was the insignificant role of conventional timekeepers—a construct far removed from the natural cycles that she’s so intricately connected with. Her beliefs highlight a life in tune with the organic rhythms of the Earth, where green witchcraft’s empowering pull beckons. Contrary to any dark connotations the title ‘witch’ may insinuate to the uninitiated, Lisa explained that it’s rooted in feminine power, harmony with nature, and reverence for life’s ebb and flow. The notion expands well beyond mere witchcraft; it’s a way of being—conscious, intuitive, and truly present.

As a dedicated traveler, witness to the pulse of different lands and peoples, Lisa’s transformation from a self-focused individual to one who is unreservedly giving is itself a journey of discovery. Reflecting on her tales of transferring pencils to eager African children, her voice echoed the complexities of aid and intention. The beauty of such acts, as she somberly noted, demands a thoughtful approach, understanding that the ripples of our actions can be both generative and unfortunately, at times, problematic.

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Her lessons weren’t just confined to the external world either. Moving from wild expanses into the concrete embrace of the city, Lisa felt a discord with nature that jarred her spirit, something echoed by many who’ve trodden similar paths. Our own connection to places carries frequencies and energies that resonate in mysterious ways. In Lisa’s case, her path led her from unanticipated sailing escapades in Mexico to conquering a deep-seated fear of the ocean. Each wave she traversed brought her closer to the woman she’s evolved into today.

Traveling beyond the comfort zone alone or with chosen companions has lent Lisa a sense of empowerment that defies societal outlines of what a woman’s journey should look like. This empowerment seeped into her very core, enabling her to see through the lens of intuition and interconnectedness even in her most solitary moments. And it wasn’t just about the places she visited; it was also the individuals—once strangers, now comrades in travel—who helped stitch together the grand quilt of her experiences.

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Our dialogue delved into the crux of embracing individuality and the spectrum of diversity within society and corporate life. It’s a call to break free from the confines of a traditional corporate structure, urging growth that burgeons beyond our self-mandated comfort zones. For Lisa, starting new adventures and businesses was more than a choice; it was adhering to a calling that promised creativity and enriched experiences, a philosophy that many corporations are only just beginning to align with.

Harnessing the spirit of exploration from a young age, inspired by her parents’ zest, brought Lisa not only across the globe but also formidable challenges like facing down a spider bite on her first solo road trip. She chatted about her tenure in Alaska, where she started a restaurant from scratch, with nothing but raw instincts and indomitable will—an experience that deepened her appreciation of life when she re-entered the “lower 48.”

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Hearing these stories of wanderlust and wild adventures, it’s clear that Lisa carries an instinctual understanding echoed in the natural vistas she’s explored—from the spellbinding sites in Colorado to the perturbation of energy she felt at Shasta. Her experiences underline the essential truth she shared: happiness isn’t tied to material wealth, a sentiment starkly evident when our conversation turned to the children in Africa and her insightful approach to providing aid.

Beyond individual enlightenment, Lisa underscored our collective responsibility toward our planet. From her unique vantage point, she’s witnessed firsthand the pernicious effects of climate change, the decline of Tasmania’s unique marsupials, the coral bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef, all tangible evidence that climate change isn’t up for debate—it demands action. She calls for a paradigm shift in how we live and interact with our environment, advocating for conscious consumer choices and collective action.

As if the multitude of her experiences wasn’t rich enough, our rapid-fire questions unveiled more layers of Lisa. Integrity and humor make a person beautiful, she stated, providing a glimpse into her value system. Colorado remained a must-visit, displaying her deep connection with its natural serenity, and when it came to culinary delights, her versatility shone through—no favorite dish could contain her dynamic palate.

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In this episode, we uncovered that beneath the mantle of The Galavanting Goddess lies a profound thinker, a torchbearer for a life honestly and compassionately lived. I am profoundly grateful to Lisa Ruoff for gracing The Human Beauty Movement Podcast with her stories, stirring emotions and thoughts that I am confident will stir the hearts of our community too.

As you read through this account, perhaps you’ve sensed the warmth, the pull of a life lived authentically beyond the usual roadmap we’re handed. Lisa’s story invites us to question, to explore, and to redefine beauty in human experience. It compels us to look within, to unearth our hidden potentials, and to embrace the full spectrum of our unique individuality.

I invite you to listen to the full episode. Immerse yourself in the intimate revelations of our discussions, and may you find within them the inspiration to kindle your own adventurous spirit to go traveling beyond the comfort zone. The world, with all its beauty and complexity, awaits.

Stream the episode on The Human Beauty Movement Podcast.

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