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Shine on, you beautiful human, you…

The HBM is all about connection — connecting to your inner self and to others around you, to nurture your mind, body and soul. That’s why we host a vibrant community, we facilitate profound workshops & events, we uplevel workplace wellness, and we inspire total well-being.
We stand for the diverse multi-facets of self-expression, personal growth, and individual journeys of self-love. We embrace the intersection: the humanness of being spirited and grounded, lavish and humble, sensual and wise, carefree and driven. We live with an abundance mindset. We know that representation matters, and above all, YOU matter.

Our Purpose

We want all humans to feel okay with themselves. That’s why we nurture radical self-love, encourage compassionate self-care, foster complete self-acceptance, and celebrate authentic self-expression.

Our Vision

We will be the leading source of inclusive empowering content around the globe. We will artfully connect with every human every day to inspire positivity and well-being for the mind, body and soul.

Our Mission

The HBM will enthusiastically support people on their quest for a better, brighter, more beautiful life. Through coaching, communications, and mindful products, we will help humans to feel better about themselves.

Our Promise

We always prioritize the harmony of humans and our habitats. We do our important work ethically, sustainably, and with love as our guide. We give back 3% of total gross revenues to charity. We operate with carbon neutrality. We are the change we wish to see in the world.

Our Values
  • Kindness, compassion & humanitarianism
  • Diversity, individuality & self-expression
  • Mental, physical & emotional wellness
  • Creativity, bravery & personal growth
  • Honesty, integrity & dependability
  • Wisdom, mindfulness & gratitude
  • Sustainable innovation & eco-ethical responsibility

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B Corp Beauty Coalition

The Human Beauty Movement is an active member of the B Corp Beauty Coalition, a global collective of Certified B Corp beauty companies. Guided by the principle of interdependence, the Coalition’s mission is to improve the sustainability standards of the beauty industry through a shared vision of delivering ‘beauty for good’. Our founder Jennifer Norman is has been a Supervisory Board Member of the Coalition since 2023.

B Beauty LogoB Beauty Coalition Manifesto

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