Jennifer Norman by Sarah Sherr
Photo by Sarah Sherr

Jennifer Norman
Founder | Chief Human Officer

Jennifer Norman is an accomplished Founder and CEO, renowned for her dedication to fostering humanity and well-being through her ventures. As the driving force behind The Human Beauty Movement, Jennifer established this Certified B Corporation / WBENC Certified Woman-Owned Business as a social enterprise to offer groundbreaking solutions in corporate wellness and mindful living.

With over two decades of experience, Jennifer epitomizes purpose-driven leadership, possessing a unique blend of strategic acumen, marketing prowess, and creative problem-solving abilities. Her track record includes managing brands and products that have collectively generated over a billion dollars in revenue and garnered multiple industry accolades.

Jennifer’s influence extends beyond the realm of business, as she is a celebrated author and podcast host. Through Humanist Beauty, she champions inclusivity and empowerment with a clean, vegan skincare line. Additionally, her children’s book series, The Adventures of SuperCaptainBraveMan, serves as a beacon of kindness and understanding for individuals with diverse abilities.

As a Korean-American adoptee and single mother of a boy living with chronic illness and disability, Jennifer is a compassionate and visionary leader who inspires others to embrace their fullest potential. She advocates for diversity appreciation, personal growth, and transcendental living. Her unwavering dedication to fostering positive change underscores her status as an exemplary entrepreneur and champion for inclusive well-being.

Inspirational Speaker & Mentor

As an award-winning author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Jennifer has garnered a reputation for her heartfelt and inspiring messages to in-person and virtual groups of all sizes. Click here to inquire about having Jennifer speak at your next seminar, master class, conference, trade show, coaching or education session.


  • Wellness & Well-Being
  • Resilience & Overcoming Obstacles
  • Finding Your Ikigai
  • Defining Success
  • Single Parenting
  • Disability & Special Needs Advocacy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Humanity in Business
  • B Corporation & Social Enterprises
  • DEI / Diversity / Social Impact
  • Purpose-Driven Leadership
  • The Korean American Adoptee Experience
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