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At The HBM, we firmly believe that you and your skin deserve non-toxic, environmentally friendly, clean products. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel far and wide to find clean beauty anymore, making it easier than ever to choose a product that meets your needs as well as the planet’s. 

While there may be a whole lot of information– and misinformation– around clean beauty, the net takeaway is that it’s good to buy from retailers, companies and brands that have gone out of their way to source and formulate with safe ingredients, use high-quality manufacturing and testing practices, and are packaging and operating with attention to eco-sustainability.

Organizations like the Natural Products Association (NPA) and The Environmental Working Group (EWG) have helped bring ingredient transparency to consumers. Retailers like Detox Market, Credo Beauty, and Whole Foods have established strict clean beauty standards for products they allow for sale. 

We know that shopping for clean beauty products can seem overwhelming, which is why we have done some clean shopping for you through the organizations and retailers listed above. Here are some of our favorite clean brands and products recommended for your beautiful skin:

  ILIA Beauty

ILIA Beauty Logo

ILIA Beauty was founded by Sasha Plavsic after she read the ingredient list on her favorite lip balm. She was shocked to discover many of the ingredients were not safe, so the challenge was set to create beauty products with effective, natural ingredients that could be used daily without worry.

ILIA Beauty is a company that believes in skin that looks like skin and radiance that comes naturally. With transparency as its guide and color as its vehicle, ILIA Beauty challenges the conventions of clean beauty to create something radically new, through safe, potent formulas that protect and revive your skin.

The brand is always working to be a source of good. It’s a 1% For The Planet member, which means 1% of ILIA Beauty’s sales go toward its goal of planting 1 million trees by 2023. In addition, ILIA Beauty is working with Pact Collective to recycle and break down products responsibly so they don’t end up in landfills.

Since its journey began in 2011, ILIA Beauty has been continually working to push the boundaries of innovation—and the industry—forward. Today, ILIA Beauty has an abundance of products; from skincare and makeup to tools and sets, the brand carries everything you need for your beauty routine.

ILIA Beauty Fullest Volumizing Mascara, ILIA Beauty True Skin Serum Foundation

To shop these products and learn more about ILIA Beauty, click here.

KORA Organics

KORA Organics Logo

Australian model Miranda Kerr founded KORA Organics on the principle of making a difference to people’s skin with good ingredients. When Miranda was 16, her mother was diagnosed with cancer, which encouraged Miranda to research the ingredients in the products her mother was using. She was shocked to see many toxic ingredients that were readily available and assumed to be safe. 

Since its launch, KORA Organics has created award-winning products that detoxify, nourish, and revitalize your skin. Each KORA Organics product is infused with powerful ingredients, such as antioxidant-rich Noni Extract, Kahai Oil, Caviar Lime, and Kakadu Plum.

All KORA Organics products are Certified Organic in accordance with Ecocert/COSMOS strict standards and are 100% cruelty-free and not tested on animals. The brand is also Climate Neutral Certified, which means they are working towards becoming completely carbon neutral in 2022. 

KORA Organics has shipped in over 120 countries worldwide and is now stocked globally across 30 countries. The brand has a wide array of products, including skincare, makeup,  aromatherapy kits, and even crystals. 

KORA Organics Noni Bright Vitamin C Serum, KORA Organics Rose Quartz LuminizerTo shop these products and learn more about KORA Organics, click here

Mineral Fusion

Mineral Fusion Logo

Mineral Fusion is owned by BWX, which is a leading business at the forefront of the global natural beauty and wellness movement. It exists to accelerate the natural revolution with its vision to create amazing products and experiences that make people feel better about themselves and their natural choices. 

Since its creation in 2007, Mineral Fusion has become a well-known natural cosmetic line that proudly offers clean makeup that instantly nourishes your skin and improves your complexion. Its products are also formulated to benefit even the most sensitive skin by selecting effective, natural ingredients.

Mineral Fusion is EWG Verified, which is only awarded to safer cosmetics that meet the rigorous verification criteria of the Environmental Working Group; this includes compliance with strict ingredient standards, good manufacturing practices, and robust labeling. In addition, the brand is 100% cruelty-free.

Mineral Fusion offers a wide range of nail polish, hair care, body care, and skincare–each formulated to deliver the uniquely beneficial power of minerals. All of its products are made in the USA, with many of them still being completely handmade.

Mineral Fusion Concealer Duo, Mineral Fusion Lipstick ButterTo shop these products and learn more about Mineral Fusion, click here.

Raw Elements USA

Raw Elements USA Logo

Brian Guadagno developed Raw Elements USA while searching for a natural alternative to chemical sunscreens after discovering how harmful they are for our health and the health of our environment. He quickly determined that one did not exist, which is when he felt a responsibility to find a solution in the form of Raw Elements USA.

Raw Elements USA is committed to education, environmental awareness, and sun safety. It has a core team dedicated to creating a positive impact on the world by holding the brand’s highest standards with certifications to prove it, including being EWG Verified, Leaping Bunny Certified, which is the most trusted cruelty-free certification for non-animal tested products, and more.

The brand’s only active ingredient used is 23% Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, along with an abundance of certified natural and organic ingredients. Raw Elements USA’s products can be applied underwater, are safe for all ages, and are 100% natural.

Raw Elements USA has an abundance of SPF products that are perfect for all areas of your life, such as hand sanitizer, face tint, and lip balm. When you need SPF, know that Raw Elements USA has your health and safety in mind so you can enjoy the sun without worries. 

Raw Elements USA Tinted Face Moisturizer SPF 30, Raw Elements USA Face + Body Tube SPF 30

To shop these products and learn more about Raw Elements USA, click here.

  Versed Skin

Versed Skin LogoCreated by Katherine Power, Versed Skin is the world’s first clean, community-powered “drugstore” skincare brand. Katherine had one simple goal in mind with Versed Skin: to make clean beauty less about price tags and aspiration and more about health.

Versed Skin is on a mission to keep its entire brand real. It’s fully transparent with its proven ingredients that are used at skin-changing levels and the brand only formulates to the highest standards in the world, European Union Standards, which means avoiding over 1,350+ toxins and questionable ingredients.

Sustainability is also part of every decision Versed Skin makes—from recyclable and PCR packaging to maintaining net-neutral carbon emissions with their Climate Neutral Certification. Additionally, on its website, the brand lists its present and future goals to stay consistent with the needs of the people and the planet. 

Versed Skin has products for the entirety of your body, and if you’re not sure which one’s would be a perfect fit for you, the brand offers a Skin Decoder Quiz to ensure you build the right regime for your skin and complexion.

Versed Skin Doctor's Visit Instant Resurfacing Mask, Versed Skin Weekend Glow Daily Brightening Toner

To shop these products and learn more about Versed Skin, click here.

 Kosas Cosmetics

Kosas Cosmetics Logo

Sheena Yaitanes, the creator of Kosas Cosmetics, created her first makeup product at the age of ten, which was glitter gel highlighter. Kosas launched in 2015 with four lipsticks inspired by the earthy blends of neutrals and pinks Sheena made in a portrait painting class. 

Kosas Cosmetics goes beyond banned lists. It only formulates with nourishing ingredients at active levels that hydrate, soothe, brighten, and plump the skin. Plus, the brand is constantly testing and innovating until every product pushes beauty forward.

The brand adheres to the European Union Standards and is Leaping Bunny Certified. Kosas Cosmetics is also dedicated to sustainability by being microplastic-free and is working towards the majority of its components being designed for 100% recyclability. 

If you’re hesitant about trying Kosas Cosmetics products or not sure which shades would suit you, the brand offers an at-home try-on program, known as Kosas Tryouts, where they send you a box of their best selling products in sample sizes. While the box is currently sold out, you can still purchase samples individually through the Kosas Cosmetics website.

Kosas Cosmetics Air Brow Lifting Treatment Gel, Kosas Cosmetics Brow Pop Dual-Action Defining Pencil

To shop these products and learn more about Kosas Cosmetics, click here.

   Alima Pure

Alima Pure Logo

The late Kate O’Brien founded Alima Pure in 2004 in her attic when the natural beauty landscape was very different. She wasn’t a makeup artist or beauty industry insider; instead, she was a mother and a kindergarten teacher. However, she marched forward and created a clean, B Corp skincare and cosmetic company that has changed the industry for the better. 

Alima Pure products are luxurious, high-performing, and made using clean ingredients. The brand seeks to redefine makeup as an empowering tool of self-expression through its extensive range of foundation shades. Plus, Alima Pure products are always free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, dimethicone, petroleum, talc, bismuth oxychloride, and nanoparticles.

In addition to being a B Corp, Alima Pure is also a 1% for the Planet member and Leaping Bunny Certified. The brand has been carbon neutral since 2008 by offsetting 100% of its corporate carbon emissions through Carbon Fund and solely operates with 100% renewable energy sources.

Alima Pure is built on the foundation of impact, clean beauty, and sustainability. It has a wide range of products and tools to meet all your needs, while also offering refillable components to keep waste at a minimum.

Alima Pure Brushes and Tools, Alima Pure Loose Mineral Eyeshadow

To shop these products and learn more about Alima Pure, click here.

The HBM Cares About Clean

The HBM, along with its skincare brand Humanist Beauty, was founded by Jennifer Norman, a beauty and wellness industry executive-turned-entrepreneur. She set out to pioneer a positive beauty culture that harnesses her love for humanity and the planet through clean products and good manufacturing practices. 

The HBM knows that transparency is key when it comes to clean beauty. We promise to always be honest with what goes into our products and formulations by keeping a comprehensive Ingredient Glossary on our website, vowing to use only the cleanest ingredients and botanicals. 

As a B Corp, we will always put people and the planet first. In addition to being a carbon-neutral operation through Carbon Fund, The HBM uses packaging made out of recyclable materials and is striving to minimize our use of virgin plastics.

To put it plain and simple: The HBM exists for you. We only want the best for your skin, your health, and the planet you call home. Our products and brand will never cause purposeful harm and will always reflect our love for you.

The HBM has you and the planet in mind 100% of the time.

Humanist Beauty Herban Wisdom® Facial Oil

You can find out more information about the Humanist Beauty Herban Wisdom® Facial Oil here, along with our other Humanist Beauty products.


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