Tarot Reading for Intuitive Practice and Self Reflection
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Enhance and clarify your intuition through tarot

Some questions from the Universe:

  • ️Are you an empath, a highly sensitive person, or on a spiritual journey?
  • Are you looking for a clearer, deeper connection to your own intuition?
  • ️Are you seeking clarity around your love life, career path, or financial potential?
  • ️Are you intrigued by tarot readings, mysticism, numerology, or esoteric symbolism?

If you answered YES to any of the above, this workshop is for you!

Increase your intuitive power and clarify the hazy aspects of your life.

Join us to benefit from the intuitive expansion offered by tarot.

Workshop benefits:

  • Gain insights around your current energy
  • Open your connection to your intuition
  • Broaden your spiritual practices

Tap into YOUR inner magic, connect with your energy, and receive messages from your Higher Self!

You will receive:

  • A tool for intuitive practice and self-reflection
  • A framework for reading up to a 3-card spread
  • An adaptable ritual for daily routines

Your Instructor

Jessical Posillico

Jessica Posillico applies her intuitive and playful nature toward her tarot card readings to give you clarity and hope to deliver messages from your Higher Self. A believer in the power of intuitive channeling, she directs and encourages individuals to listen for their own inner voice during her tarot readings. Founder of High Priestess Healing, Jessica shares her tarot framework to help others tap into their own intuitive abilities while expanding their spiritual rituals for self-reflection.