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Bubble baths and chocolate cake are wonderful treats, however, true self-care means: “creating a life we don’t need to regularly escape from.”

If you are ready to let go of restrictive dieting and want to learn how to have a healthy and relaxed relationship with food and your body, this workshop is for you!

In this workshop you will:

  • Be introduced to new healthy life-enhancing rituals, which will replace the ritual of comfort eating during stressful times.
  • Be encouraged to take charge of their physical and emotional well-being, and to replace comfort eating with calming and nurturing rituals.
  • Be guided to practice mindful self-compassion exercises.
  • Invited to journal about what to let go of and what to bring into their lives.
  • Be empowered to discover their “true path” and to design small action steps, which can easily be implemented into their daily routine.
  • Gain a deeper understanding about cognitive-behavioral strategies and mindfulness practices.
  • Hear from like-minded participants who are ready to shift to a higher level of awareness and greater self-care, and to fill their inner self-love reservoir.
  • Be assured that this will be a “safe space” for connecting and sharing.

Your Instructor

Petra Beumer

Petra Beumer is a mindful living expert with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and over two decades of counseling and health promotion experience. Her passion is to help her clients practice good physical and emotional self-care.

Petra has a beautiful passion for assisting others in living an authentic life, speaking their truth from the heart, and standing in their own light.

Petra’s prescription for wellness is: “To love yourself deeply, to honor your boundaries, to speak your truth, and to be YOU, unapologetically.”