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Clear abundance blocks from the root and create a whole new reality around money.

A reality where financial stress is replaced with confidence and empowerment.

Where lack is replaced with always enoughness.

Where you’ve released old fears and beliefs that block you from having more money, and have redefined what money means for you.

The truth is, money isn’t the root of all evil; people’s beliefs and actions make it so.

So in this workshop, we’re going to the root. We’re going to dismantle our old paradigms and beliefs around money that have kept us in the cycle of “not enoughness”, and build a completely new one: One that lights you up, aligns with your values, and supports you in being more of who you really are.

We’re going to take off the mask of lack, and reveal your true face of abundance.

We’re going to break up your old toxic relationship with money, and write your new legendary love story.

If the old paradigm isn’t serving you, you get to build a new one.

Welcome to your money upgrade, where you make up the rules.

Here’s how it works:

The subconscious mind makes up 95% of our brain power, meaning that it’s responsible for creating 95% of our reality. It’s the same force that frames our perception, keeps our hearts beating, and holds all the programs that influence the way we think, feel, and act. The problem is, most people aren’t aware of this and are only harnessing the power of the conscious mind, which is a mere 5%.

Have you ever set a goal or wanted to change a behavior, but for some reason something always gets in the way?

This is because that “something” is coming from your subconscious mind.

It may be a belief that you don’t deserve it, or that it’s too hard, or that you’re not worthy… Or maybe you have a silent fear of what might have to change if you actually got the thing that you wanted. So this 95% force ends up overpowering your conscious desire, which leaves you in self-sabotage, a stop-go pattern, overthinking, inaction, and so on.

So how do we use the 95% to our advantage? When we practice Subconscious Mind Reprogramming and use powerful tools like digging, journaling, and scripting, we can heal and transform the pain of the past, create a more empowering story in the present, and create the futures we desire.

So if you’re ready to upgrade your experience of money, it’s time to grab a pen and flip the script.

Your Instructor

Petra Hui

Petra Hui is a Life Coach & co-founder of the Inner Outer Beauty women’s community. With her specialty in empowerment coaching & subconscious mind reprogramming, she helps you get clear on your direction, lovingly release whatever blocks are in the way, transform your beliefs to align with your goals and help you more quickly and effectively manifest your vision.

Her practical, intuitive and no-BS approach gives you powerful momentum to create meaningful change in your life, wherever you are in your journey.

She is trained in Life Coaching, Subconscious Mind Reprogramming (NLP, Theta Healing and Psych-K), as well as Akashic Records, Authentic Relating and ISTA (The International School of Shamanic Temple Arts.)