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Heal and manifest with subconscious mind reprogramming, focusing on rewriting your story on Love & Relationships.

In this powerful workshop, you will learn knowing with confidence:

  • What your ideal relationship looks & feels like.
  • What stories & beliefs are blocking you from manifesting your desired relationships.
  • How to heal & transform old stories so you can create the relationships you desire.

Here’s how the process works:

Have you ever wondered why some things in your life come easy, while others feel like an uphill battle?

No matter how many times you set a goal, repeat an affirmation, or say you want to do something, something just gets in the way?

A fear… An impulse… A critical voice… A distraction… Something that makes you freeze, stress out, overthink, or walk the other way…

The truth is, there’s an invisible force inside all of us that creates our reality. It’s the same force that writes our story, keeps our hearts beating, and holds all the “programs” that influence the way we think, feel, act, and experience life.

When this force is in alignment with your goals and greatest potential… We manifest with ease, aligned action feels effortless, life feels in flow.

But when this force is living in fear and holds onto old memories and beliefs that don’t serve us, we can feel blocked, conflicted, and stuck where we don’t want to be.

This magical force is your subconscious mind.

Did you know that your subconscious mind is responsible for creating 95% of your reality? Yup. It makes up 95% of our brain power, meaning that the conscious mind (the thoughts you choose when you’re awake) only makes up 5% of your mind. Five percent!

So when we learn how to work with and intentionally harness the power of our subconscious minds, we can change our perception of the past, rewrite our story, and create the reality we truly desire.

You don’t need to repeat affirmations 100 times to get results. Subconscious mind reprogramming can help you shift your beliefs in minutes.

So if you’re ready to rewrite your family story and start living the life you truly desire, it’s time to grab a pen and flip the script.

In this workshop, I’ll teach you the power of healing & manifesting with subconscious mind reprogramming, focusing particularly on creating your ideal love and relationship.

Your Instructor

Petra Hui

Petra Hui is a Life Coach & co-founder of the Inner Outer Beauty women’s community. With her specialty in empowerment coaching & subconscious mind reprogramming, she helps you get clear on your direction, lovingly release whatever blocks are in the way, transform your beliefs to align with your goals and help you more quickly and effectively manifest your vision.

Her practical, intuitive and no-BS approach gives you powerful momentum to create meaningful change in your life, wherever you are in your journey.

She is trained in Life Coaching, Subconscious Mind Reprogramming (NLP, Theta Healing and Psych-K), as well as Akashic Records, Authentic Relating and ISTA (The International School of Shamanic Temple Arts.)