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Reduce feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, and manage unhealthy stress levels about the devices we use daily.

You will be able to set manageable boundaries and define what tech and work-life balance means to you.

Your digital wellness matters for your mental health.

As a culture, look to these pillars of wellness like food/nourishment, sleep, movement/ exercise, and mental/emotional balance.

As smartphone users, we need to include our digital hygiene/habits/well-being too.

By minding our digital well-being, improving our habits, and talking more openly about our individual and collective experiences, we gain the power and capability to enhance and support.

In this workshop, you will learn practical tools for reducing stress and managing your devices in a healthy way.

Your Instructor

Adam Yasmin

Adam is a dad, podcaster, and certified digital wellness educator who coaches creatives & remote teams in humanizing our relationship to everyday tech.

He brings over a decade of mindfulness & immersive tea experiences for corporate team building.

Adam holds certifications in Digital Wellness Education, Emotional Well-being Coaching, and UX Design — and recently became the co-host of Tech-Know podcast.

“Adam was fantastic helping us as we thought through how to support our team’s wellbeing while working remotely on very challenging subject matter. Thank you!” Tom Thorley — Director of Technology, GIFCT (Global Internet Forum to Combat Terrorism)


“My sessions with Adam were like pure therapy but with a focus on something I don’t feel I can discuss at length with my therapist. An unburdening of all my digital complaints and a safe reveal of my embarrassing thought processes in relation to social media and life in the digital age. I recommend him to anyone needing advice on trying to understand how to navigate this life in a healthier way.” S.W – coaching client, NYC