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Expand your Dreamstate

Under the Piscean New Moon, we enter into a dreamlike state where all is possible. The final sign in the zodiac year, this water sign is nostalgic and extremely visionary. 

Pisces is very peaceful, as it has lived through the storm of life and is blissful at the end of the zodiac cycle. It’s ready for the new cycle of life to begin, and lays back into a cozy hammock to look up at the stars, and it starts to dream. These dreams lay the groundwork that will create the coming new zodiac year.

With this new moon in Pisces, you will be guided into the ocean to expand your mind and third eye’s capacity to dream. You will journey through breathwork into a meditation that will tap into your third eye, and you will be serenaded throughout this dream with ethereal, serene sound healing instruments. To complete, grab your favorite cup of tea and journal, and we will all come together as a group to discuss our dreamstates.

The new moon officially rises on February 20th. The Pisces symbol contains two fish, forever swimming together in the celestial ocean of the stars. This new moon gives you an opportunity to reflect on your relationships in life, whether it’s your romantic, personal, or business. What dynamics in your life are calling for examination? What pairings could use more visionary energy or a leap of faith to be recreated and upgraded? How do you see this changing your life?

Who is it for?

This ceremony is for you if you are ready to more easily access your dreamstate. 

This can be when entering into meditation, when falling asleep, and even having access to the mind of the dreamer when you are awake! Perhaps you haven’t been dreaming much lately, or you haven’t enjoyed your dreams. 

You know that dreaming is important, because your subconscious informs your conscious thoughts, which creates your reality. This journey will gently guide you into accessing this dreamstate and expanding your trust in your intuition.

How do I set up my space to best experience the event?

Set up your sanctuary as if you were preparing a temple for your inner god or goddess. Cozy pillows and blankets, incense and aromas, candles, crystals. How do you as the god/goddess show up in your temple? Dress comfortably to lay down, and adorn yourself as the god/goddess that you are.

Add sacred manifestation items to your altar that are aligned with your intentions you’re calling in.

Headphones are highly recommended for this ceremony to fully reap the benefits of the sound. Turn all your devices to do not disturb (better yet airplane mode!), tell your loved ones you’re taking some god/dess-time, grab an eye mask to cover your eyes if you wish, have a journal and pen nearby, and choose a spot where you will have full comfort and privacy.

Why should I attend?/ You will:

  • Activate your third eye and crown chakra
  • Expand your capacity to dream
  • Connect to your power as a sovereign creator
  • Activate your energy light body
  • Gain clarity on your life’s mission at this time
  • Call in your support team to help support your mission
  • Embody your soul essence
  • Release limiting beliefs
  • Learn to consciously manifest your dream life
  • Tune into Divine Community
  • Receive the benefits of sound and breath therapy
  • Drop into deep meditation

What’s the shift that will happen during the event?

Pisces wants you to dare to dream. Like its symbol of the two fish, Pisces encourages you to take great leaps of faith. It subverts the moments when we need to have every detail planned, and instead allows us to be propelled by our dreams alone. Even if you end up feeling like a fish out of water for just a moment, you will land back into the water soon, even if it was all just to experience the feeling of what it was like to fly.

By the end of this ceremony, you will feel transformed by the power of your dreams. You will feel inspired to bring more creativity into your life and to take more risks.

Your Instructor

Skylar Temple Singer

Skylar Temple Singer is an awakened angelic guide who creates sanctuary for awakening souls to arrive home. Multidimensional intuitive visionary, sound alchemist, yoga instructor, performer, and soulpreneur, Skylar is here to guide you into creative and cosmic alignment with the unique magnetic blueprint that you were born to embody!

Healing with sound now for over two years, Skylar has guided hundreds of souls through sacred soul journeys into deeper resonance with themselves and the world around them, including high performing corporate teams like Salesforce and Avant Stay. She holds everyone she meets in unconditional love, unwavering presence, and compassionate grace. The sanctuary Skylar creates for others gives them the space to deeply relax, feel freedom, and dive into the shadows knowing she is always there to guide them back to the surface.

“Skylar has a true, profound gift that everyone needs to experience. Her heart and presence in her sound healing events provide us with such a safe, caring, and warm space to get real with our emotions and deeply what’s buried within. An hour with her is like a month of self-processing and reflection. If you are looking for a sound healer, there is no one who does it with more love, care, and integrity than Skylar.”

Csia O.

Skylar creates healing space for all to sensually arrive into awareness with their divine nature, and she has a deep passion for unlocking every woman’s fullest expression of self. Her artistic devotion to awakening consciousness guides beings into healing and embracing union with their sacred masculine and sacred feminine. Her visions of creating sacred harmonic community are seen through supporting women in realizing their power, uplifting one another to share their gifts, and fully expanding into their wildest dreams in full ecstasy.