Natural Stress Relief with Energy Tapping
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Learn and experience Energy Tapping, a self-use acupressure technique that calms internal chaos and helps you experience peace and clarity on demand.

Join this great workshop to learn a straightforward technique that helps you reprogram your stress, have better relationships, improved health, and more abundance, all at your fingertips!

What’s happening?

Life is overstimulating, and we’re chronically overwhelmed as we attempt to keep up.

As a result, we often move from one stressor to the next without allowing ourselves to return to balance.

While our body can remarkably protect us from stress, unresolved or unreleased stress can remain in the body’s energy system, causing an imbalance that shows up as pain and disease (emotional, mental, and physical).

Who should join:

If you want more personal fulfillment, less anxiety, improved relationships, a better job, to overcome addictions and fears, build self-worth and boost your confidence, Tapping can help!

What you can expect from this workshop:

Learn Energy Tapping, an easy-to-learn, self-use acupressure technique that repairs and restores harmony in the mind and body.

Learn how to quickly calm internal chaos, clear outdated and limiting patterns & patterns, gain a new perspective, and have a choice in how you engage with life.

Workshop Agenda

  • What’s Energy Tapping?
  • Can Tapping help my Chronic Stress?
  • Learn & Experience How to Tap!

What’s Energy Tapping?

A self-use acupressure technique that calms the mind and relaxes the body. Stress is the body’s reaction to perception. Our bodies are energy, and meridians are rivers of energy that flow through the body. So when we think, the body feels. That’s what the mind-body connection is about.

Using your fingers, tapping on specific meridian points shifts how you feel and experience your body, emotions & thoughts so that you can experience more peace, clarity, and new choice.

Energy Tapping can be used anywhere, anytime, to provide in-the-moment relief. It’s a living skill that can reverse chronic stress symptoms, decrease overall stress, and boost self-confidence.

Your Instructor

Suzanne Gundersen

Suzanne Gundersen is a Speaker & Mentor of Somatic Stress & Trauma Release Solutions that are self-use, easy to learn, and empower people on a healing journey to naturally transform their stress, experience important breakthroughs in trauma, and become self-healers.

Suzanne’s personal struggle with chronic anxiety and emotional eating led her to seek alternative approaches that helped her shed layers of dysfunction, drop hundreds of pounds, and end the use of anxiety meds.

Along the way, she uncovered her value and now lives with self-honor, compassion, grit, and grace. In her stress release toolbox, she uses Somatic Regulation Techniques (including TRE- Trauma Release Exercises, Somatic Orienting/Experiencing, Vagal Toning exercises, and Neuro-Energy Tapping -her unique style).

Her approach helps people reprogram and rewire their whole mind (body, nervous system & brain) to lessen and resolve chronic stress and trauma symptoms. You have got to go in to get out, and you too can transform!

Follow her on social media (YouTube, Facebook, IG, TikTok). Book a complimentary consultation with Suzanne at her website,