Manage Your Triggers & Anxiety with Ease
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Feel less anxiety, sleep better, and learn to master your emotions.

Are you feeling anxious, constantly battling worry, or losing sleep over stress? Do you want to stop anxiety attacks in their tracks, get a good night’s sleep again, and feel masterful over your emotions? If so, then this class is for you.

In this workshop, our Master Coach Kimberly Berry, with over ten years of mental health experience, will teach you how your anxiety affects you, how to cope with your triggers and stress, and how to stop panic attacks before they start.

Anxiety doesn’t go away on its own.

To master anxiety, you must understand it and build the coping skills to manage it effectively. Otherwise, you’ll see how it begins to creep into all areas of your life, quickly and quietly stealing away the joy you once felt.

After the workshop, you will:

  • Understand how anxiety works on a physical and emotional level
  • Gain new coping skills you can immediately apply
  • Identify what’s triggering your anxiety so you can stop it in its tracks
  • Build a new mindset around how you see yourself and the world around you
  • Feel better, sleep better, manage your days more easily, and feel confident you can handle anything life throws at you!

Your Instructor

Kimberly Berry

Kimberly Berry is an Award-Winning Speaker & Coach who works with anyone ready to embrace their post-pandemic messiness and cope with their lives in a way they feel good about.

She helps her clients accept and lean into change so that they can handle anything life throws at them! Through speaking engagements, workshops, and coaching services, Kimberly meets her clients wherever they are in their lives and helps them move forward.

Kimberly has 20 years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies and leverages that expertise when working with her clients. Kimberly has worked with thousands of people worldwide for the past 5+ years and is obsessed with creating safe spaces for change, vulnerability, income creation, and truth.