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You are invited into the Sacred Sound Temple for a guided sound healing and breath ceremony.

The number nine represents the completion of a cycle, as it’s the last number in the cycle of zero through nine.

This number comes around when we are nearing the end of a significant stage of life. Multiplied in potency having 9/9 at 9 am magnifies this day into a powerful manifestation opportunity. It carries the vibration of wisdom, abundance, and completion.

You are entering a new phase in life as another one ends. You may feel you’ve reached greater wisdom and maturity in this time, and you’re ready for new challenges. Or you may feel the great triumph of finally closing a difficult chapter. However you are experiencing life through this portal, you deserve to celebrate the start of a new era.

This special day also holds the Harvest Full Moon in the sign of Pisces.

Full moons are a time to release, so this is your moment to let go of the past and rise into your future.

Pisces is the sign of the unseen and imagination. You may experience heightened perceptiveness and sensitivity during this time, making it a great time to develop in your spiritual growth and intuition.

New pathways are opening as Pisces lights the way into the evolving new realms the 9/9 portal is creating.

You will be guided into a short series of breathwork, followed by a guided visual meditation and sound healing journey. At the end, you will be guided out through meditation and gentle chimes, where your guide Skylar will then hold space for you to share your visions verbally and in your journal.

Jump into the next phase of your life through the 9/9 Harvest Moon Portal with excitement, trust, and wisdom!

Are ready to choose to LIVE?

It’s no lie this has been a difficult time in our world. We as a collective have all felt the effects in our lives in our own ways.

There may have been times this year when you didn’t lose hope, even when it felt like all hope was lost. And there may have been times when you did.

Despite all of it, you have continued to choose yourself, over and over again!

Now is the time you are being rewarded for all your hard work. You deserve to be celebrated. You deserve the sovereignty to choose how you create this next phase of your life.

This is a powerful moment.

I’m here to help you harness its power. To alchemize the energy and integrate it with sound into every cell of your body so you can move forward connected, guided, and confident.

If you are ready to dedicate yourself to YOU and this new era, this ceremony is for you.

Prepare a beautiful space for yourself.

Set up your sanctuary as if you were preparing a temple for your inner god or goddess. Cozy pillows and blankets, incense and aromas, candles, crystals. How do you as the god/goddess show up in your temple? Dress comfortably to lay down, and adorn yourself as the god/goddess that you are.

Headphones are highly recommended for this ceremony to fully reap the benefits of sound.

Turn all your devices to do not disturb (better yet airplane mode!), tell your loved ones you’re taking some goddess-time, grab an eye mask to cover your eyes if you wish, have a journal and pen nearby, and choose a spot where you will have full comfort and privacy.

What do you receive from attending?

  • Officially end completing cycles in your life
  • Consciously choose your next cycle in life
  • Amplify your intentions through the 9/9 Portal
  • Clear with the Full Moon
  • Community
  • Sound and Breath Therapy
  • Deep meditation
  • Blockage release

Come to this ceremony ready to close the current ending cycles of your life and confidently step into the new ones.

You will release to the full moon, identify blockages in your life stopping you from closing this chapter, and consciously choose to step into your new life.

Your Instructor

Skylar Temple Singer

Skylar Temple Singer is an awakened angelic guide who creates sanctuary for awakening souls to arrive home. Multidimensional intuitive visionary, sound alchemist, yoga instructor, performer, and soulpreneur, Skylar is here to guide you into creative and cosmic alignment with the unique magnetic blueprint that you were born to embody!

Healing with sound now for over two years, Skylar has guided hundreds of souls through sacred soul journeys into deeper resonance with themselves and the world around them, including high-performing corporate teams like Salesforce and Avant Stay.

She holds everyone she meets in unconditional love, unwavering presence, and compassionate grace. The sanctuary Skylar creates for others gives them the space to deeply relax, feel freedom, and dive into the shadows knowing she is always there to guide them back to the surface.

Skylar creates healing space for all to sensually arrive into awareness with their divine nature, and she has a deep passion for unlocking every woman’s fullest expression of self.

Her artistic devotion to awakening consciousness guides beings into healing and embracing union with their sacred masculine and sacred feminine.

Her visions of creating sacred harmonic community are seen through supporting women in realizing their power, uplifting one another to share their gifts, and fully expanding into their wildest dreams in full ecstasy.