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An enchanted virtual gathering to connect deeply with the moon’s energy to bring your most beloved desires to reality.

Manifesting is a trending topic right now. And I love that! But, how do you manifest your desires in a way that feels effortless? Because trust me, I know very well how frustrating it can feel when your manifestations aren’t unfolding in your life in the way you’d like.

Most don’t understand that the primary energy of creation is the Divine Feminine, the same energy as the Moon. Unfortunately, what we see about Divine Feminine on social media is often exclusive – and elusive (based mostly on a “look” vs. what it means to embody the Divine Feminine energy), especially for other genders and sexual orientations.

This event is for all humans to experience the incredible feeling of being in flow with Spirit – listening, knowing, moving with inspiration, manifesting through co-creation, and leaning into your hidden magical abilities, using the energies of the Moon. And in a space that is safe, non-judgment, and inclusive.

Through the Divine Moon Circle | Breathwork + Guided Meditation, you will:

  • Uncover parts of you that bring you closer to your magic
  • Release blocks and fears that keep you from your desired reality
  • Feel a much-needed grounding reset
  • Become aligned in the moon’s cycles and harness its feminine energy for your manifestations
  • Tap into greater consciousness and direct Source guidance so that you experience life feeling at ease and guided
  • Channel thoughts and new learnings that you receive through breathwork and guided imagery to integrate into your daily life
  • Receive collective support and encouragement from the circle
  • Be in a community that is safe, secure, and non-judgmental
  • Love and accept who you are, in all your layers and realities

An inclusive Divine Moon Circle for all genders to manifest through divine feminine energy using the Moon energy and cycle living.

You are majestic, like the Moon.

Living in a world full of distractions can sometimes cause us to forget who we are. We may forget that we have the magical ability to flow with ease and guidance as majestic beings, feeling as we wish.

The Divine Moon Circle: Breathwork + Guided Meditation is your chance to tap into this magic, be reminded of the majestic being that you are, and align yourself to your inner powers and manifestations by harnessing the feminine energies of the Moon.

What to bring with you:

You’ll want to bring a journal, yoga mat, blankets (optional), water, and anything else that helps you set a comfortable space for yourself, such as oracle cards, crystals, etc.

When you attend Divine Moon Circle, you also get access to the private community for ongoing support, resources, and sharing. You’re becoming part of a circle there to see you bring into manifestation all of your creations.

Your Instructor

Giselle Baumet

Giselle Baumet is an Afro-Indigenous Bruja, Intuitive Life Coach, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, and the mami of four. For 10+ years, she has mastered her life purpose to help busy people use their magical abilities to experience a life that feels good, with confidence, ease, and calm using mindfulness and ancestral wisdom.