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Fire up your kettle and bring an open mind to this virtual tea table where we will learn the basics of the Chinese brewing methodology that’s rooted in Taoism, Gong fu Cha.

Tea began as a medicine and turned into a beverage. There are as many ways to brew tea as there are cultures that celebrate this leaf across the entire globe. This session will focus on the mindfulness of tea drinking, how it can be an immersive experience & a daily go-to digital detox.

Come as you are.

This event is about being present and mindful, away from distractions. Bring whatever beverage nourishes you for this event.

Adam Yasmin will be brewing tea in the Chinese tradition.

The session’s core is to show up, commit to being free of distractions, and enjoy what you have in front of you with your full attention.

Adam’s tea ceremony for our event was exquisite. It was not only a beautiful aesthetic experience, but also a deeply bonding one for all the participants—and the state that everyone was left in (after many cups of incredible tea) was truly the perfect combination of relaxed and focused for the event’s next activities. I would highly recommend the service for teams, workshops, intentional parties, and any other setting where a unique social and meditative experience is called for. – David Burns, The Business Monk
“We LOVE Adam! Adam has come to have tea with my team at the Bruce Lee Family Companies more than once, and each time it is a wonderful experience. The experience is one of quiet bonding and presence. We get to take intentional time to be calm, centered, and connected, and in that, we are open and bonded in the best of ways – with quiet awareness and appreciation for one another and for the moment. My team loves the experience so much that we have Adam come back throughout the year to sit with us. He is pure magic. Adam’s presence sets the tone and permeates the space with a joyful quietude that is both relaxing and uplifting. We all leave the experience feeling reset and nourished. We are so grateful for his supportive presence!!” – Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee Family Co.

Your Instructor

Adam Yasmin

Adam is a dad, podcaster, and certified digital wellness educator who coaches creatives and remote teams in humanizing our relationship to everyday tech.

He brings over a decade of mindfulness and immersive tea experiences for corporate team building.

Adam holds certifications in Digital Wellness Education, Emotional Well-being Coaching, and UX Design — and recently became the co-host of Tech-Know podcast.