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Making goals and keeping them just got easier.

  • Are you making New Year’s resolutions with the best intentions, but a month in, you’ve already abandoned them?
  • Was 2022 not your year, not even close?
  • Do you want to learn how to set obtainable, achievable goals?
  • Have you realized that willpower is not enough to create a life you love?

Make this workshop your one must-attend event to make 2023 your best year yet.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to hack your motivation system to set and work toward the goals you create for yourself in 2023.

We will develop your big 2023 goal and then break it down into manageable, workable steps, so you have a clear roadmap for reaching your goals.

It’s not enough to create a goal. You need an action plan you can follow to hit your goals.

In this workshop, our 2x Award Winning Master Coach Kimberly Berry with over ten years of coaching, goal setting, and mental wellness experience, will teach you to break down your big yearly goal into monthly micro goals that you can achieve and use your dopamine system to biohack your motivation and focus centers on springing you into action.

Without understanding how motivation works in the brain and how to engage the right systems at the right time, you’ll keep doing what you’ve always done. Make goals, and then break goals and feel unaccomplished.

Stop the cycle of beating yourself up with should of and learn to create habits that work in your favor.

What You Receive from Attending:

  • You will have a clear plan and roadmap toward accomplishing your big 2023 goal.
  • You’ll learn how to use your dopamine system to create focus and motivation so you will WANT to work towards your goals consistently.
  • You’ll begin to understand the signs of burnout and how to push yourself through it.
  • You will approach your goal-setting and action plan differently, so 2023 will be your best year yet!

Your Instructor

Kimberly Berry

Kimberly Berry is an award-winning speaker and coach who works with anyone ready to embrace their post-pandemic messiness and cope with their lives in a way they feel good about.

She helps her clients accept and lean into change so that they can handle anything life throws at them! Through speaking engagements, workshops, and coaching services, Kimberly meets her clients wherever they are in their lives and helps them move forward.

Kimberly has 20 years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies and leverages that expertise when working with her clients. Kimberly has worked with thousands of people worldwide for the past 5+ years and is obsessed with creating safe spaces for change, vulnerability, income creation, and truth.