Herkimer Diamond Ring #100

Herkimer Diamond Ring #100


This beautiful Herkimer diamond ring is a part of The Emergi Collection: ‘Emergi’ – to rise up, emerge, free one’s self. Adornment for those extra special moments in life, designed to celebrate life, love, and joy.

This ring is one of a kind, made with recycled sterling silver and is a size 6 1/4.

Herkimer Diamonds are only found in Herkimer, New York. They are not actual diamonds but a kind of quartz crystal that is a beautiful alternative to diamonds. This ring is a classic 5-prong setting, and each will vary in size and shape. This is an amazingly affordable alternative engagement ring or a beautiful one of a kind statement ring. They are not really diamonds but are a variety of double terminated quartz that embody a high crystal energy. Herkimers are often extremely clear stones but many have black anthraxolite inclusions. Some even have water inclusions within them, which are believed to aid the healing of emotional problems. This may also lead to the opening of a variety of psychic gifts. When you use them during meditation, Herkimer Diamonds are powerful stones to open the higher chakras.

100% handmade in Hermosa Beach, California USA and will arrive to you in our beautiful gift box.

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