Guided Hypnosis to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions


Power your subconscious with guided hypnosis to actually achieve your annual goals.

Power your subconscious to actually achieve your annual goals.

Often times we create new years resolutions with the best of intentions. But after just a few weeks, they are a distant memory.

In this class, we will use hypnosis to create our new reality mentally and then create an actionable plan to move forward toward our resolutions. Taking this class will enable you to make positive changes a reality. By not taking this class, you may only be on the path of good intentions that don’t become a reality.

Your Instructor

Monica Kincaid

Monica is a certified Hypnotherapist, Behavior Change Expert as well as a Personal Trainer. This program has been developed over many years of study, personal experience, and client experience. It simply works.