Art Class | Design Your Life with Hand-Crafted Affirmations


Turn your favorite affirmations into beautiful pieces of art to hang on your wall or gift to someone you love!

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Great hand-made gift idea! Let’s get creative together and make beautiful artwork out of your favorite affirmations.

Turn your favorite affirmations into beautiful pieces of art to hang on your wall or gift to someone you love!

In this fun virtual class, you’ll learn all about lettering skills and making words look beautiful.

All creative levels are welcome from newbie to expert! Everyone is an artist, and you’re invited to trust in your innate ability to create your very own masterpiece.

Come to this workshop with words or phrases from a favorite quote, recent meditation, affirmation, or inspiring observation.

Your instructor Sarah Magida will teach you how to design your words using fonts and colors to create your very own hand-crafted illustration.

The reward is spending time with others in a unique creative virtual space, making something beautiful for yourself or for a loved one.

As seen across Instagram, these life-affirming art pieces can be framed and are a great addition to your bedroom, living space, office, or altar.

Bring your own supplies!

You can use whatever you already have around your home, or feel free to purchase supplies that you’d like to try out!

Some ideas:

  • Pencil and eraser
  • Hot press watercolor paper, smooth surface watercolor paper ( 11”’x 17” largest)
  • Water colors, in tray or in tube
  • 2+ colors of acrylic paint or gouache
  • Ruler
  • Masking tape or painter’s tape
  • Acrylic paint brushes or watercolor brushes, sized small to medium
  • Small pallet or plastic tray
  • Clear space to make art
  • Paper towels or tissue
  • Water in a cup or small bowl
  • Stencils of flowers, patterns, etc. (can be found online or at your local craft or art supply store)

Your Instructor

Sarah Magida

Sarah works as an artist and life coach for artists and highly creative people to get them in touch with their flow and space of creative genius.

Sarah mainly works as a fiber artist at the intersection of healing and hand work. She has a BFA, MA, and is working towards ICF certification.

With a creative, connected soul, she’s also a reiki healer, growing a dye garden and studying the ayurvedic healing used in the natural dye process.